They say “Jewellers are the tastemakers of the society”. And these exclusive one-of-a-kind designs from HABIB Oro Italia 916® are the perfect representation of that. The high quality, fine designs that are handcrafted using the latest technology bring exclusivity to every piece of jewellery


Inspired by a city with the same name in northern Italy, the bangle designs of Bassano consist of braided strands of diamond cut gold beads, and come in various gold colour.

The design signifies our journey in creating the HABIB Oro Italia 916® collection.
Its elegant design is suitable to be worn for all occasions; from casual outings to formal dinners.


The designs of Stella – which mean stars in Italian – incorporate golden beads of different sizes and colors with diamond-cut finishing. They sparkle and shine with every movement of your hand, mimicking the sparkle of stars in the sky. It comes in ring and bangle designs.

Such a pretty collection, we highly recommend Stella as the perfect gift for your loved ones; be it your mother, wife or girlfriend or even a self reward, for being you!


Sicilia is what the Italians call the city of Sicily, a historical city with world-class monuments and the largest island in Italy with beautiful coastlines. The iconic outlook of Sicily with mountains and oceans as the background signifies the intricate designs on Sicilia rings and bangles.
One cool tip from us is to wear Sicilia jewellery as your statement piece. Its modern classic design will last you a long time.


Amore, is Love! Bracelets from the Amore collection features designs with beautiful heart-shaped charms. We suggest wearing your Amore bracelet on date night for a soft, feminine look.


The Cavo design has multiple gold threads, twisted and intertwined, whether in one or multiple colours into a bangle. This solid bracelet signifies strength and unity.
With such distinctive designs, Cavo bracelets are suitable to be worn on its own or stacked together. You’ll definitely be a model of sophistication with these bangles on your wrist.


The Luna bangles come in high-polish finishing, that gives out high shine. It has diamond-cut finishing on it, giving it the illusion of diamonds when worn. For those who loves simple yet modern designs, bracelets from Luna collection are the right items to be worn as part of your accessories.


The Gondola bracelets mimic a row of gondolas along the water canal of Venice. This design combines golden diamond cut beads of different color. They even come reversible.
Bracelets from Gondola collection can be styled as your daily wear because of its striking look with the contrast formed from the different colors of gold.

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