Chinese New Year is around the corner, and it is the perfect time to spruce up your look for the festivities. Looking for new, trendy jewellery to go with your style? Don’t worry; as your personal jewellery consultant, we got you!

HABIB recently launched two additions to the iconic lineup of the HABIB Oro Italia 916®; the Abacus and Graffetta.

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, HABIB has adapted the classic look of an abacus – a feng shui symbol of monetary luck - into chic gold jewellery. As an ancient tool used to calculate, the Chinese believe that abacus brings wealth and prosperity.

As with all HABIB Oro Italia 916® jewellery, each piece of the Abacus pendant and earrings is crafted using modern jewellery technology from Italy. The signature of the abacus – the movable beads – are shaped using a beautiful combination of diamond cut, high polish and matte finishing. It comes in a variety of shapes and lengths, which means there’s something to suit every personality and style, making it your own!

If you’re more into minimalist looks, the Graffetta is perfect for you! It literally means “clip” in Italian. These gold links are available in yellow and rose gold, and come in the form of bracelets and necklaces. You can choose a simple design with high-polish finishing, thin, thick or one with unique diamond-cut finishing for that extra shine.


Minimalist at its best, you can wear the Graffetta on its own, or use it as the key piece to stack, or mix and match it with your other jewellery.

One cool tip: You can style the Graffetta necklace as a long-chained necklace, a double-chained necklace, a hanging chain choker necklace, a spectacle chain, loop it to wear as bracelets or even a chain belt!

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