Rhinoceros Hornbill Zoo Negara Gold Wafer, 999 Gold (0.20G)
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Out of ten species of hornbills which can be found here in Malaysia, seven of them can be found in Zoo Negara. Sharing a similar practice to kiwi birds, each hornbill only has one mate for the rest of their life. They also have a unique nesting behaviour - the female will seal herself and her eggs in a tree hollow with mud while regurgitating food and feaces. During this time, the male hornbill will be the one providing food for the entire family through a tiny hole in the nest.

With every purchase of our Zoo Negara gold wafer, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be channeled to our national zoo. Therefore, let us join hands and stand with Zoo Negara so that we can continue caring for these faithful birds.


Gold Wafer Information


Purity: 999.99 Fine Gold

Weight: 0.20 gm

Dimension: 3.00 cm (L) x 3.00 cm (H)

Motif: Rhinoceros Hornbill


***Suitable as gifts for any occasion