Know Your Gold Jewellery

Tale as Gold as time…

Before gold jewellery pieces were worn by both men and women worldwide, jewellery crafted with this precious metal was typically associated with royalty and seen as a symbol of status in many cultures all over the world. Today, gold jewellery has evolved to suit the practical and aesthetic preferences of jewellery lovers everywhere. 

The purest form of gold, 24k gold, is soft and when made into jewellery, tends to bend and scratch easily, making it difficult to maintain. Goldsmiths have found that alloying gold with other metals yielded more durable jewellery that could also be made in different colours.


Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold Pendant


Yellow gold jewellery is made of a mix of pure gold with silver, copper and zinc. Due to its high pure gold content, yellow gold jewellery is more durable than 24k gold yet can still be easily scratched or dented. Thus, yellow gold jewellery might need to be polished and cleaned on a regular basis. However, its non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

With its classic and vintage look, it’s no wonder that yellow gold jewellery has been a popular choice among many throughout the years. People with warm skin tones that have a yellow undertone often look the best in yellow gold jewellery as the jewellery brings out the radiance in their complexion.


White Gold

White Gold Diamond Necklace


White gold, made from an alloy of gold and palladium or other white metals such as manganese or nickel, is far more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow gold. Its durability and cool, neutral silver colour makes it a popular choice for setting with diamonds or other coloured gem stones.

Modern, yet classy, white gold is a popular alternative to silver and yellow gold jewellery. Those with a cool under tone or fair skin tone will find that white gold jewellery complements their skin tone exceptionally well.


Rose Gold

Rose Gold Oro Italia Bangle


Rose gold is by far the most durable gold alloy as it is alloyed with copper, a sturdy metal which also gives it its pink hue. Perfect for those who love jewellery but aren’t a fan of the hassle of maintaining said jewellery.

Gaining popularity over the recent years, rose gold jewellery is popular among younger people as the hue of the gold is seen as a trendy, fashionable alternative to the more classic gold colours. Also, it is often more affordable than other gold colours due to the use of inexpensive copper. On top of that, rose gold jewellery complements all skin tones and different under tones, making it a fantastic choice for anyone uncertain of what looks best on them.


Oro Italia Bangle with Yellow, White, and Rose Gold


Ultimately, jewellery is an expression of one’s personality and is completely dependent on the wearer’s personal preferences and style. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or a combination of all three, don’t be afraid to let your personality and character shine through the jewellery that you wear!



Be Bold. Go Gold.