Internship Program


HABIB is a great place to launch a career in the retail industry that is enriched with knowledge, technical and leadership skills. No matter what your ambition is, we encourage you to take your time to discover the opportunities we have to offer and see where you might fit in.


At HABIB, we believe in continuous learning and development. As an intern, you will be provided not only with on-the-job training, but also mentoring and coaching. Internship with HABIB will show you what Malaysian's preferred jeweller is like from the inside.



  • Malaysian student pursuing undergraduate degree in
    • Business
    • Retail Management
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Graphic/Jewelry Design
    • E-Commerce
    • Finance/Accounting
    • Human Resources
  • Minimum CGPA of 3.00
  • Duration of 3 to 6 months



  • Real job exposure
  • Guidance and coaching
  • Opportunity for future employment with HABIB Group
  • Monthly allowance



Send your resume to Any further enquiries you may have about the internship with HABIB can be addressed via the same email address.



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