Do you have trouble choosing the right diamonds? Ever wondered whether you should pick the bigger carat? The greater clarity? The most excellent cut? Or diamonds with the best color scale? One thing for sure, a sparkling diamond is what everyone wishes for! Here are some tips to help you in the quest to find the perfect one.

First things first: You should know what makes a diamond sparkle.

In short, a diamond’s sparkle refers to its ability to reflect light. For diamond ‘scientists’, this ability is labeled as “brilliance” and “fire”.

Brilliance is when a diamond sparkles and reflects white light. The more white light it reflects, the more brilliant and impressive it gleams and glows.

Fire, contrarily, is the diamond’s ability to disperse colored light in different hues. It can range from red to orange, yellow, green or blue.

These two abilities are what make the diamonds’ beauty and its amazing sparkles.
Next up is what is a Diamond “Cut”?

Diamond Cut is always mistaken with the shape of the diamond, such as Marquise or Pear. Cut here actually relates to how well a diamond is cut and proportioned for its depth and symmetry.

The major question is do different Cuts affect your diamond’s bling?

Yes, it does! The Gemological Institutes of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) have established a Diamond Cut Grade Chart to measure Cut quality. The GIA parameter ranges from Excellent to Poor, whereas in AGS, a grading scale of 0-10 is applied. Cut quality gives a direct impact to the diamond’s brilliance and fire in such that Excellent Cut Diamonds possess the best level of brilliance and fire, whereas Poor Cut Diamonds exhibit dull, with nearly no brilliance and fire at all.

Now that you know about the diamond’s sparkle, let’s tackle the most FAQ: which diamond cut sparkles the most?

Produced in the early 20th century, Round Brilliant Cut is designed with the most unbeatable sparkle. With 57/58 facets, Round Brilliant cut is still undefeated for its brilliance and fire, hence, its prices can cost 10-43% higher than other fancy cuts!

So, yes, Round Brilliant Cut it is!

However, if you have your eyes set on other diamond shapes such as marquise, oval, pear and heart cuts, fret not, you can always opt for those with ideal (GIA) or excellent (AGS) cut grades to get your desired diamond shape with excellent brilliance and fire.


When selecting a diamond shape, there is no right or wrong. It always goes back to your personal preference - what looks and feels right for you.

Now that you are prepped with the knowledge of what to look for when buying a diamond, drop by your nearest HABIB showroom (hyperlink to showroom hotline) to meet with your personal jewel consultant. They will assist in choosing the perfect sparkle for you!.