Get to know HABIB ORO ITALIA 916®

The HABIB Oro Italia 916® is a unique range of jewellery designed exclusively for HABIB all the way from Italy. How did we make it our own? By working with the Italians to create jewellery in 916 gold and incorporating Malaysian designs.

Our history with the Italians dates long before HABIB Oro Italia 916® came about. Italians are well-known for their designs, craftmanship and manufacturing technologies when it comes to jewellery and fashion. And that is what we had in mind when creating this collection, to marry Italian jewellery making expertise and Malaysian heritage to bring world class quality that suit the local taste.

The word ‘Oro’ means gold in Italian. Italian gold or ‘Oro Italia’ is generally made from lower gold content. However, it has always been ingrained in our culture to highly value jewellery made from 916 gold (22K). To make it Malaysian, HABIB worked with Italian craftsmen to cater to this demand, giving birth to HABIB Oro Italia 916® - the world’s first Italian jewellery in 916 gold content.

Ever since it was first introduced in Malaysia, this exclusive range has captured the hearts of Malaysians from all age groups with its modern designs. What you need to know about HABIB Oro Italia 916®

  1. Uniqueness of each piece

Every single piece of HABIB Oro Italia 916® is unique and delicately hand finished by Italian craftsmen themselves. Each piece is individually stringed, polished and twisted into the final product in the highest standards.

  1. Brilliance of fine diamond cut

This hand technique on each bead by the Italian craftsmen brings out a spectacular diamond-like shine, creating the illusion of diamond studs.

  1. Lightweight for world class quality & design

Because of its finest workmanship, each piece is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. Most importantly, at a more affordable price point.

  1. Contemporary styling

There are various collections featured under the HABIB Oro Italia 916® range, many of which can be stacked and matched together beautifully, broadening the wearer’s options for styling. There is even a collection of reversible bracelets which comes in multi-coloured gold to give the wearer two optional looks in one bracelet.


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