Disney x HABIB : Ultimate Princess Collection Mulan

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all”

With the recent launch of the Disney x HABIB Ultimate Disney Princess Collection, HABIB has launched the 2nd installation of its princess series with Princess Mulan. The limited edition collection is released just in time for the Lunar New Year, capturing the essence and spirit of one of our all-time favourite Disney tale, Mulan.

"Loyal, brave and true."

Mulan is a girl living in a patriarchal society, who decides to fill in for her unwell father called up for the Chinese military conscription. She deftly assumes a man's identity and leaves to train with the other recruits. She uses her wits to help stave off a Hun invasion while being accompanied by her dragon Mushu.

Mulan’s confidence grows as she develops into a capable leader, warrior, and young lady. She also takes pleasure in having a good time with her sidekicks and friends. These collectible pieces were designed to showcase her personality and to capture moments from Mulan, including popular quotes from the movie.

Disney fans will be enthralled with the unique design of this limited-Edition Disney x HABIB: Ultimate Princess Collection, Princess Mulan 999.9 Gold Wafer Coins. There are two designs available, Mulan, and Mulan and Friends. They are sold separately or in a set of two with special packaging and sold at RM 118 each. Look out for the monthly release of your favourite Disney Princesses as part of the Disney x HABIB Ultimate Princess Collection to complete your set.

These limited-edition Disney x HABIB Ultimate Princess Collection 999.9 Gold Wafers is a set of collectibles that also aim to encourage the young to invest in gold and have fun at the same time. They make great gifts for any occasion and can also be given in place of red packets (Ang Pao) during the Lunar New Year celebrations. It is now available via HABIB's online stores (habibjewels.com and TikTokShop), as well as marketplace websites Shopee, Lazada and all HABIB showrooms within Malaysia.