Diamonds are a girl's best friend

You have probably heard it said a million times. From the iconic performance of Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to Nicole Kidman’s beautiful performance in Moulin Rouge. They portray that diamonds are a symbol of devoted love, acknowledging that physical beauty won’t last forever, but diamonds lasts forever; regardless of the shape and size of the gemstone. Therefore, diamonds are commonly referred to as lifelong symbol that will last a lifetime or be part of an heirloom, to be passed down to generations.

Diamonds can carry different purposes or meaning for each individual. Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. For Self-Reward.

Have you heard of the term ‘right-hand ring’? Right hand rings are usually a ring bought by yourself as a personal declaration of your independence or a celebration of your milestone in life. Whether it’s a promotion, moving out on your own, reaching financial freedom or whatever it means to you, it’s simply a celebration of you! From minimalist to extravagant designs, we will surely have beautiful rings, and something for you regardless your budget.

Bonus tip: If it’s your first time buying any diamond jewellery, read more here “My First Diamond” to make your journey to buying your first diamond easier.


       2. A symbol of love

For centuries, diamonds have been widely known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. You see it everywhere in advertisements, movies, music videos to show diamonds are a symbol of love chosen by both men and women. From proposals to weddings, diamond rings have always been a symbol of the life-long promise that is given by your beloved partner. At HABIB, we have best choices of diamond rings for you to express your love. You can also customize your diamond jewellery with certificated diamonds that comes from GIA and Hearts on Fire, for best quality diamonds.

If you’re looking for diamond jewellery sets to wear on your big day, here are a few of exclusive diamond jewellery sets that you can consider. All eyes will be on you with these elegant pieces.

Fun Fact: The name of diamond came from the Greek word (adamas) which means proper, unalterable, unbreakable, or untamed- just like romantic love.


        3. Expression of appreciation

Gifts are also a gesture to express love and appreciation. You can start with a simple yet meaningful gift like a tennis bracelet or diamond bangle that will look effortlessly stunning on her wrist. If you’re looking for a jewellery set as a gift, you will have endless options from our diamond collections; Fire on Ice, Adore, Polaris and many more!

From left: Tennis Bracelet, Adore Collection


          4. Heritage

Looking to invest in pieces that can be an heirloom? Something that can be kept for generations to be part of your family’s legacy that would hold special meaning for one generation to pass down to the next. Diamonds would always make the perfect choice to be worn, enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime. You select a statement piece with our exclusive diamond jewellery  or if you have a specific design in mind, customizing your ideal diamond jewellery with us can also be an option for you able to make it as a symbol of your family’s heritage.

           5. Personalising your diamond jewellery

If you are looking for the perfect diamond with the 4Cs, then HABIB is the right place for you. You can pick from a wide range of GIA and HOF certificated diamonds based on your preferred size, cut and budget and let us do the rest. Let us personalise and customise your jewellery with your hand-picked diamond to tell your story.

Diamonds are not only valuable but also bring different meanings in every woman’s life. Now, do you agree that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?