February 12th marks the first day of Chinese New Year – the year of the Metal Ox according to the lunar calendar. As the calendar consists of 60-year cycles based on the 12 animal years and 5 element years, it is right to say that the year of the Metal Ox occurs once in 60 years.

As the second symbolic animal in the 12-year zodiac cycle, oxen are important to the agricultural communities because of their immense strength and tactful natures. Those born in 2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961 and every 12th preceding year are under the sign of Ox. Some of their significant traits are kind, trustworthy, intelligent, and reliable. Know someone born in the year of the ox with this trait?

Metal is one of the five elements in the lunar calendar besides water, wood, fire and earth. Metal attracts optimal energies to your side so you can carry out your plans with maximum precision and efficiency. Sounds like it’s going to be a very good year indeed!

To commemorate this auspicious year, HABIB has launched the Ox Limited Edition 999 Gold Wafer (0.2 g) as part of our Lunar Calendar Series. Presented in red envelopes, these are perfect as a fancy gift or “ang pow” for your loved ones – especially for those born in the Year of the Ox. 

Fun fact: “Ang pow” is a monetary gift, usually gifted to children during Chinese New Year as a sign of love, happiness and good luck. The givers must make sure that both the envelopes and the money in them are brand new. It is believed that that amounts that start or end in eights are considered to enhance luck. Even numbers are preferred because good things come in pairs.


For those with long-term investment in mind, HABIB also launched the Ox Limited Edition 999 Gold Bar (5 g). The symbolism of the Ox is well-presented in the handsome design, which features an ox about to drink from a calm river reflecting its appearance. This is a poetic way to represent one's moment of reflection and rest after a day’s hard work.

The presentation is full of meaningful and lucky images in the Chinese culture. Red is the primary colour as it associates with fire, thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. What makes these gold wafer extra special is they’re in the form of gold metal, to commemorate the year of the metal ox. 

The Ox Gold Wafer and Gold Bar are exclusively for Chinese New Year 2021. You definitely want to get your hands on one before they run out of stock!

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