Looking for unique-looking, versatile diamond rings to exude your personality? No need to wait any longer, HABIB presents to you – DWA Collection.

Named with a quirky spin of the Malay word ‘dua’ meaning two, DWA collection features double-row diamond rings with unique and minimalist designs.

The double-row look is achieved by the split-band rings. When worn, it looks as if you are wearing two matching rings stacked together. This is the perfect item if you love stacking your rings; you can achieve this look at the convenience and price of one DWA ring!

The stones incorporated in these rings are round-cut diamonds – set in a variety of settings such as bezel, prong, micro & claw in different styles. The result of this workmanship is a wide range of versatile designs: from a simple yet contemporary design for a minimalist look, to a beautiful centre motif forming an elegant statement look.


With a huge selection of unique designs in either yellow, white or rose gold, DWA diamond rings will be able to suit everyone’s preference. They are perfect as gifts or for various special occasions.

For the romantic at heart, designs such as a simple double-row diamond ring or one with heart-shaped centre motif are suitable to be worn as a promise ring or even as a gift for your loved one during a celebration or an anniversary.


DWA rings are also suitable as matching friendship rings or even as gifts for your bridesmaids to be worn on your big day! As several designs are available in different gold colours, it is easier to heed everyone’s preference while still getting those matching rings. Aren’t they a gem?


Some pieces of this collection are inspired by elements such as floral, nature & celestial designs. If you or your loved ones are inspired by these elements, these DWA rings are the ideal gift for them – be it for their birthday, graduation, promotion or just to celebrate them!


DWA diamond rings are wonderful as your self-reward, or to begin growing your collection of diamond jewellery. These rings are so versatile that they can be matched with other rings or jewellery, the final look is totally up to you to make your own!


These beautiful diamond rings are exclusively available in HABIB, all priced below RM1,000! What a steal! To browse for more, click here to discover more about the DWA Collection.