Are Sapphires the Rainbow of Gemstones? 7 Colours and Beyond: The Sapphire Spectrum

Sapphires are some of the most demanded precious gemstones out there and widely sought by many, mainly due to the plethora of colours that follow the rainbow. Given its recent rising popularity, sapphires now have a demand in the market that can even be equal to that of diamonds.

With sapphires being desired for its wide array of vibrant colours, it is no wonder that this lustrous gemstone is gaining momentum in favorability. As a preferred coloured gemstone for wedding rings, the iconic blue hue has been a classic favourite for the longest time.

Beautifully elegant blue sapphire for her and him.

For her, an oval sapphire with a halo of diamonds to bring out the blue hue. For him, a palladium ring with blue sapphire and diamonds.

HABIB Exclusive Sapphire Collection

In terms of durability, sapphires come second only to diamonds. On the Mohs Scale, sapphires score a 9 out of 10, which proves this gemstone’s high degree of durability. Sapphires are also less likely to fracture under pressure, due to the lack of gemstone cleavage feature.

Sapphires are gemstones that belong to the corundum family that have a wide array of colours ranging from colourless, pink, orange, yellow, purple, and black. These corundums are typically named after their respective colour followed by the word ‘sapphire’, so yellow corundums would be called yellow sapphires. However, not all red corundums are considered red sapphires, as certain shades of red are special. The lighter hue of red corundums are called pink sapphires, but deeper red corundums are instead known as rubies. 

Sapphire Colours

Amongst the many colours of the rainbow, the standard and most valuable colour that is mainly associated with sapphires would be the rich intense royal blue colour.

Apart from royal blue, you can also find different colours of Sapphires available in HABIB. The differences in hue and colour of the sapphire stone factors on location and trace elements. These stunning sapphires can be found in Australia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam.


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The most sought after sapphire stones desired by gem connoisseurs for their high quality are mainly located in Kashmir and Burma, whereas the places that contain the most variety of colours come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar in which although these two places are most known for their blue sapphires, they also have a multitude of colours ranging from yellow, green, to pink and violet.


Extremely rare:  HABIB Heart-shaped 8.1-Carat Green Sapphire Ring - YouTube

So, if you are considering new sapphire jewellery, we at HABIB are more than ready to assist you in picking the right sapphires for you or your loved one. Contact your personal jewel consultant at your nearest HABIB showroom for more information today.