HABIB 1958

Our History

HABIB's journey began over 60 years ago in 1958, when an enterprising young man named Habib Mohamed began his career in a jewellery store. Having worked his way up from being an assistant to becoming a participating partner, Habib understood real customer needs. He realised that he could offer Malaysians something uniquely different - exquisite jewellery that reflects the heart of our nation and is honed by traditional skills, excellence and artistry.

HABIB struck out on his own and set up a small retail outlet along Penang's famed Pitt Street or "Jewellers Corner". From there, he produced jewellery of such exceptional quality that his clientele soon expanded to include Peninsular and East Malaysia.This expansion ultimately led to the creation of HABIB's trademark masterpieces - distinctive jewellery that combines the best of new world standards with the best of old world craftsmanship.


Malaysia's Premier Jeweller

Over the next few decades, HABIB grew from strength to strength to become HABIB Corporation Berhad, Malaysia's first public-listed jeweller in 1998. As one of the country's premier jewellers, HABIB retails and distributes quality products that range from finely crafted gold jewellery to elaborate creations of diamonds and gems that reflect our nation's rich heritage.

We transcended local boundaries and boldly entered the 21st century by implementing innovative strategies that include highly focused marketing efforts, creative promotional activities, product innovation and enhanced management initiatives designed to meet changing trends and rising customer expectations in both domestic and foreign markets.

Today, the name HABIB represents much more than just the jewellery business on which we were founded. We are now a brand in our own right, epitomising the best of Malaysian creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and value.