5 Tips for Men on A Ring Hunting Mission

Ring hunting has always been an uncharted territory for men—not all, but mostly. There are infinite designs to choose from; each differs in the type of metal (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum), setting styles, and diamond cut. Hence, choosing the perfect ring for THE ONE is truly a complicated task. As one of Malaysia’s premier jeweller, we are here to guide you in making your big day come true by surprising her with the most perfect ring she could ever dream of. Let’s start your ring-hunting mission so you can put your worries to rest!

1. Set a budget

Start with a budget. The basic rule of thumb is to always cut your coat according to your cloth. Consider the big picture - you might need to expend more for your wedding and your life after being officially declared husband and wife. So, plan your spending wisely.

Of course, GIA or AGS certified diamond rings are always the foremost choice when it comes to engagement or wedding rings. If you search online for  tips to buy the perfect ring, knowing the 4Cs (Cut, Carat, Clarity, Colour) of diamonds is among the guidelines commonly listed. Depending on your budget, a certified diamond ring (one perfect example is our Hearts On Fire ring) is your go-to option. Just walk in to the nearest HABIB showroom or contact us, and your personal jewellery consultant is ready to guide you from getting the perfect cut diamond, setting or to customizing the ring to fit your style and budget.

However, if you are on a tighter budget and a certified diamond ring is not on the cards for now, you can opt for diamond rings from HABIB that are affordable and still beautiful. Starting from RM599, we can turn your mission to a success! After all, your pure intention in manifesting your pure love is all that matters.

Here’s a little tip - a ring with an Illusion setting will be easier on the pocket but gives the illusion of a larger carat. The Illusion setting usually includes multiple smaller diamonds put into one design, to make make it look bigger. One perfect example is the HABIB Empress collection, which has one princess cut diamond, surrounded by 4 marquise cut diamonds, making it look like a one carat solitaire. It can be further enhanced with a Halo setting around it.

Stunning 750/18K White Gold rings from the Empress™ collections

2. Do not do it alone (consider her style, ask around)

Get some opinions from her friends, even her mother if you can! Getting different perspectives from someone close to her will help in completing the puzzle. Figure out her preferred jewellery style. Her close circle can really tell you her style and help you to decide. If you are lucky enough, she might have already dropped hints to her girlfriends!

3. Get the right size

Let’s make sure all your efforts do not go to waste. The last thing we would want to happen when proposing is for the ring to be in the wrong size. To get the right size, you can sneak out one or two rings that she rarely wears (but still fits) and bring them to the jewellery shop. They can measure the ring size for you. If this seems a difficult task to do, why not ask her closest friend/family to help find out her size? Or to cut all the fuss, you can try asking casually for her ring size without being too obvious. Problem solved!

In case you need this, click here to know how to measure her ring sizes.

However, even if the ring doesn’t fit, we, at HABIB will be able to resize the ring to perfectly fit her finger. So you have some room for error there.

4. Consider practicality

In the heat of the moment, your excitement may cloud your judgements. You may be allured to buy a fancy-designed ring and statement piece because it seems to be the right thing to do for your special moment. Be that as it may, bear in mind that engagement and wedding rings will be worn daily. Her personality, lifestyle and career are among the things that need to be considered. Choose something comfortable enough for her to wear every day.

5. Give extra meaning

This little act goes a long way. Engraving both of your names adds an extra sentimental value to your romantic gestures. Just like how the ring symbolizes a lifetime of commitment between the both of you, carving your names together on the ring can signify a promise made forever.

The engraving service available at HABIB starts from RM8, depending on the font style and the length of the alphabets.

Now that you have everything that you need to know, we wish you luck for your ring hunting mission! May ‘happily ever after’ be yours.